Who’s America’s Next Celebrity

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Who’s America’s Next Celebrity will become America’s largest online talent search competition ever. We will find celebrities in every city to showcase their talent worldwide. We have realized that in order to make it, you will have to know someone in a high position, or leave your small town to enter a big city for an opportunity. Our Vision is enter every small town to find new celebrities that’s talented to give them an opportunity to be seen and heard worldwide. Celebrity Media Tv will produce a live stream audition competition to showcase every form of talent: Steppers, Singers, Bands, Comedians, All music Genres, Spoken word, any form of talent or skill from all ages. To our audience we will show showmanship, high quality production, talent, and great content that can be enjoyed by all audiences. In our search for the next Celebrity, we will use these components: The Internet, Radio, Television, Digital Media, and Live Streaming cutting edge multimedia platforms that allows contestants to showcase their talents.

  • Director
    : John Williams
  • Casting
    : Andrea Autullo, Jeffrey Voice, Chiara Pavoni
  • Production
Who’s America’s Next Celebrity

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